Deadlifts for Chronic Back Pain? Maybe. With Dr. Jon Fass

This week I recorded a live webinar on the topic of deadlifting and biofeedback. Leading up to the webinar where I did a live Q&A, I asked people to send in questions ahead of time. One of the questions that came in was a very good question, and I knew that it was a little bit outside of my wheelhouse, but I knew that it would be perfect for the one and only Jonathan Fass  - my good friend and go-to expert analyst. I wanted to bring Jon on to the call, but due to various technical and scheduling difficulties that proved impossible. Nonetheless I was able to record a call I did with him the same day, and put this question to him. Here was the question I received:

“Thanks for all the great information. I am also a huge proponent of the deadlift as it has helped relieve me of some chronic back pain I had when I was younger. However, I work in a physiotherapy clinic doing mainly post rehab and fat loss here in Winnipeg and I’m having some real trouble shifting our physios over to this way of thinking. They always say “there are better and safer ways to accomplish the same thing” but I feel the risk is worth the reward. Could you point me towards any research or even just speak about changing perspectives that many health care practitioners hold (that may be out of date)?”


And my conversation with J-Fizzle:

Hope this helps you!

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  1. Very good answer by Fass, as usual. It’s not simple. Also I have a crush on him. Which is also not simple.

    The questioner needs to realize that just because it worked for them (or seemed to) doesn’t mean it will work for others. Can’t base your impression of a treatment’s effectiveness on one anecdote, especially your own. Personally, my back pain got worse with deadlifts – but that doesn’t mean I will never have anyone else try them if it makes sense.

  2. Ah this is great. I love how you say that deadlifts can be great, but not always for everyone in all circumstances … and that as circumstances change they may become great again.

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