On this web site I often give training recommendations, nutrition advice, and recommend products. There are a few things you should know about that.

First, neither I nor anyone else are more qualified to run your body than you are. Every single thing you read here or anywhere else should be put to the test. I’m not a doctor, so none of this should be considered medical advice. Even if I were a doctor, you should still take my advice with a grain of salt and test it.

I will recommend products that I think are awesome. Most times, at least whenever possible, I will receive compensation if you purchase the product. I will always seek out a referral program or affiliate program for something I believe in for two simple reasons:

  • I only recommend things that are awesome.
  • If I recommend something, and you buy it, why shouldn’t I receive compensation for making that happen?

So, whether the link is clearly an affiliate link or not you should assume that I am somehow benefitting from it. It should go without saying, but I will say it anyway, that I would not recommend something that I didn’t believe was awesome no matter how much someone paid me. I will still recommend things that I can’t get compensated for, of course.