Last updated: 6.1.05 7:00 AM
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Most available blog software is incredibly overcomplicated, requiring SQL, mod_perl, PHP or both. MicroBlogger by Bowie Poag solved this problem by creating a bash script that creates simple html files produced from even simpler text files. The only problem was that it was written by Bowie Poag. MicroBlogger-UB is a re-packaged version without the Bowie.

MicroBlogger-UB is a simple sh-based blogging software that requires only SSI and a shell to function. No SQL, no mod_perl, no PHP necessary. MicroBlogger-UB is a fork of MicroBlogger made safe for public consumption by having all vulgar comments and delusional fantasy life entry examples removed.


MicroBlogger-UB 1.0