LEARN HOW TO make hard things look easy

What if you could be confident and capable across a stunningly wide array of domains and skills? What if you could have "a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it"? Turns out you can learn sprezzatura, the Italian word for making hard things look easy. Enter your email address here and I'll teach you how.

There’s No Such Thing as Perfect Form

Potentially the most absurd and pervasive belief in the fitness culture is that perfect form prevents and eliminates injury. A Google search for “perfect form injury” reveals some twenty six million results, every single one of which on the first page are related to the belief that perfect form will prevent injury, and imperfect form

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The Harder You Work, The Worse Your Results Will Be

There is a simple thing that I can you that will improve your movement instantly and in everything you do. It’s not anything about range-of-motion testing, although I think you should do that too. It’s not a mental trick to increase tension in your lifting. It’s not a complex screening tool that gives you a

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First a Flat Tire

It starts with a flat tire. Well, not really even a flat tire. More a soon-to-be-flat tire as you notice that your tire is slightly low when you walk out to your car. But you ignore it because you just don’t have time to stop to put air in it right now. This is your first

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It’s the People, Stupid

This is a reminder to myself much more than it is for you, so be forewarned. This weekend I was in Kansas City as one of the Esteemed Exhalted and Beneficient Speakers for The Fitness Summit. Truly it’s a highlight event for the year and one I was sad to miss for the first time

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Man Skills: How to Make a Custom Ring

One of the core pillars we identified at Man Camp (the annual event I host with John Romaniello for men and those who identify as men who want to improve their lives) is that of skill. After physical culture I believe acquiring and building skills is one of the most fundamental things you need to

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What Are Experts Good For?

Have you ever left an appointment with an expert feeling disappointed? Left with that feeling of “Really? That’s it?” Like everything you just heard was stuff you already knew and could have saved yourself a couple hundred dollars. I almost did today. I felt that for a fleeting moment. But then I remembered that experts

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