LEARN HOW TO make hard things look easy

What if you could be confident and capable across a stunningly wide array of domains and skills? What if you could have "a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it"? Turns out you can learn sprezzatura, the Italian word for making hard things look easy. Enter your email address here and I'll teach you how.

How You Feel is NOT a Lie

Lifting weights, like anything worth doing, requires an investment of time. Whether you’re lifting weights to lose body fat, build the physique of a bodybuilder, or hoist huge weights as a competitive strength athlete, you will have to plug the meter with some time to accomplish your goals. And, as with anything that requires time

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Meet My Cousin Dellanavich

I think you’ll like my cousin, his name is Dellanavich.

Do Instead of Don’t Do

If you could stop, you would.

If you could stop smoking right now, you probably would. If you could stop eating from the vending machine at work, you probably would. If you could stop eating the delicious party mix, you probably would.

Powerlifting Meet Debrief: What Not to Do

I competed in my first powerlifting meet today. It was the Minnesota Open under the USAPL federation. Here are some observations from the meet. These are all based on my opinion, so you’re more than welcome to take them with a grain of salt or ignore them completely. I will note however, that I destroyed

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Be Careful What You Let Into Your Head

Last Friday I saw Dessa give a brilliant presentation on ethics in and around hip-hop at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum.  Something she said came back to me today. I’m paraphrasing from her speech, but she said: “What I expose myself to messes with my head. When I read those women’s magazines, I start to feel

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Gym Movement: 365 Days Later

I don’t know anyone who has ever stuck to a training program for an entire year.  It may have happened, but I haven’t met this person.  Most people do a program for 12 weeks, and IF they even make it to the end they move to something else.  Usually they will be all over the

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