What If Your Whole Approach To Training Could Be Simplified, Removing The Excess That Doesn't Work For YOU — Leaving Only What Is Most Effective?

Join Me For An Intensive One-Day Workshop, And I Will Personally Guide You Through The Ins And Outs Of Training With Biofeedback

From the desk of David Dellanave:

Whether you are a beginner to strength training or a veteran to the gym, you may have noticed that training can get awfully complicated. From the complexity of combining mobility, strength, flexibility, stability, and conditioning to the intricacies of finding the appropriate doses of volume, density, and intensity, it can be incredibly overwhelming.

For the past six years I've been teaching an integrated method of training called biofeedback training that is based on one thing and one thing only: how your body actually responds to the training.

Think back to workouts you’ve had in the past where you’ve gone into the gym not feeling great and you end up having a great session. Now think of those times when you’ve got into a workout feeling fantastic but the results didn’t reflect that at all — in fact, you left the gym feeling worse than when you arrived.

What is going on in these seemingly confusing situations is as similar as it is different. In both cases you’re significantly altering the state of your body from your starting point — except in one circumstance you’re making it better and in the other, you’re making it worse.

With biofeedback, you can literally never have another bad workout day. What’s more, you can vastly simplify your training to just two things: things that make you better and things that make you worse.

You're going to learn how to test everything you do against your body to determine if it's right or wrong for that very moment. Never again will you keep pushing forward when something doesn't feel right, or with a workout that just isn't going well. You're going to learn how to use biofeedback testing — a method I’ve been one of the pioneers of — to determine moment-to-moment exactly what you should be doing.

If you're a coach, trainer, or physical therapist you've probably explored different systems - maybe even spent thousands of dollars to attend seminars that left you feeling overwhelmed and wondering when is the right time to use which tool.

Well of course it's confusing. These systems are all based on algorithms - routines based on the idea that the body always responds the same way to the same things. If things are this way then do this, and if they're this way then do that.

But that's not how the body works. At all.

The body is a lot like a black box where every time you put something in it, something slightly different comes out. Without some way to hone in on what is affecting the result, you're just flying blind and hoping for the best. Sure, sometimes it works out fine, but it's not reliable.

Biofeedback is that missing link that allows you to understand how your training, or corrective exercise is actually affecting the whole system.

Of course this isn't just going to be a theoretical thing.

I’m going to personally guide you through all of the fundamental strength movements — bend, squat, push, pull, lunge, twist, and carry — to teach you how to both perform these movements with faultless technique and efficiency, and customize them so that they’re performed in a way that is exactly ideal for you and your body, so you can train hard without getting injured or burnt out. 

My goal with biofeedback training is to give you a simple system for success — everything laid out for you, from start to finish, with exactly what you need to do to get from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you want to be) by doing the LEAST amount you need to do to get there. The most progress with the least effort and expense. Sound too good to be true? Yeah, many of my clients over the years have thought so too until they’ve seen it for themselves.

Here’s an excerpt from an email I got just the other day:

“I’m in the third block of the Get Stronger Faster training protocol you created and have loved it! I am stronger and have rehabbed a shoulder, hip (mostly, it was an older injury and has taken more time), and plantar fasciitis! Who knew it could be done?!”

Believe me when I tell you that biofeedback training is going to change the way you approach training forever.

"Biofeedback Changes Everything"

Like it or not, you arrive at the gym asymmetrical. Between crossing your legs, standing with your weight in one foot more often, using a computer, holding children on your hip, carrying your gym bag and so on, you have asymmetries and imbalances in your movement and your body.

You can ignore these asymmetries and try to train in a traditional way by essentially ignoring them and hoping for the best, but maybe you’ve already paid the price for this method.

Or, you can try to do complicated, time-consuming, and expensive assessments to try to determine corrective movements for these factors, but the changes are slow and hard to come by.

On the other hand, if you integrate these idiosyncrasies by making small tweaks to your lifting form, you can find variations that might look odd but work perfectly for your own unique physiology.

Applying this simple (but no less powerful) technique is a component of using biofeedback training that will simplify and optimize your training in a way that makes the most sense for YOU.

An Unprecedented Opportunity, Limited to JUST TEN People

This is going to be an active, hands-on event, down in the trenches, doing work. I’m going to walk you through all of the ins and outs of biofeedback training that I’ve learned over half a decade of teaching this to hundreds of clients in my own gym. From coaching cues to progressions to theories and philosophies — even some weird ones that might go against common beliefs — you can essentially steal all of my best stuff. 

To be sure everyone gets the individual attention that they deserve, I am limiting this event to no more than 10 people so I can offer each attendee an individual action plan for reaching their goals. This is an unprecedented opportunity for you to come and train with me, to get personalized programming advice from me, and for me to teach you everything I know on how to make your training as progress-filled as it can possibly be. 

For context, normally I charge $125USD for a single training session. I charge over six hundred dollars for a 1-1 crash course on these topics. I'm going to spend an entire day teaching you everything I know and have learned over a decade of teaching biofeedback training, and I'm doing it for just 350. You're getting me for a full day at the cost of a couple of hours.

You don't even need to have any experience in strength training (althought it well help a lot) at all to attend this event. I am going to tailor everything to YOUR ability level. The ONLY requirement to attend is that you come in with an open mind. I am going to be showing you a lot of cool stuff that is somewhat unconventional and goes against the common way of thinking, so all I ask is that you follow directions and give it a shot. If you’re completely new to training you will leave with an unbeatable framework to guide your training for the rest of your life.

Make no mistake, this event will fill up VERY quickly, and I’d love to have you be a part of it. Normally I have room for three times the number of participants, and those workshops sell out. So if you'd like to join me , please secure your spot immediately.

When: Saturday, February 23 @ 12:00


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Eendrachtlaan 114, 3526 LB Utrecht, Netherlands

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the event, please email directly at david@dellanave.com with the subject line of "Biofeedback.”

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