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Pick Stuff Off The Floor Every Day Challenge


The PSOTFED (Pick Stuff Off The Floor Every Day) challenge originated, to the best of my knowledge, in May of 2012 with Adam T. Glass on his blog. No strangers to lifting frequently, we kicked around the idea of making it a point of focus to pick something from the floor on a daily basis.

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The False Dilemma Problem


Paleo and pop tarts. Acupuncture and antibiotics. Hypertrophy and hip openers. What do these seemingly totally incompatible things all have in common? They all represent false dilemmas that are presented as binary options that are completely exclusive of one or the other. A false dilemma, or false dichotomy, is a logical fallacy in which only two

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Biofeedback Question: Am I Just Warming Up?

A question that comes up fairly often with people who are new to using biofeedback in their training is about whether or not they are simply warming up as they do movements and things test better and better. Here’s the short answer: no, you’re not just warming up. But let’s get into the longer answer, just

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This Is The Rep Range You Should Train

You’ve almost certainly seem them, maybe you’ve even committed it to memory. Rep range charts are to lifting weights as cooking temperature charts are to grilling. If you’ve never seen one, allow me to be your first: Maybe yours has slightly different reps, or is represented by a spectrum with some overlap, but the general

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How to use Wendler’s 5/3/1 with Biofeedback

The following tutorial is a an explanation by Tucson fitness trainer Eric Frey. Eric owns and operates Quality Strength in Tucson. This post was originally shared as a reply to a question in my public Biofeedback Training group about how to use biofeedback with 5/3/1. The answer was so good that I wanted to archive it here

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What Corrective Exercise Can’t Tell You

The truth is there is no such thing as corrective exercise. There are exercises, and they cause one or more of three effects: Desirable and desired adaptations and outcomes. Undesirable or undesired adaptations and outcomes. Immediately painful or harmful injuries or outcomes. To be more accurate, any exercise is going to have outcomes that exist on a

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Why Different is Different

One of the more catchy things I’ve said, that has been quoted and attributed to me is this phrase, “Different shit is different.” Had I known how often I would be cited on that, I probably would have chosen something a little more elegant to be my legacy, but so it goes. But, I want

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Fix Your Squeaky SI Joint

This is a guest article by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Erika Mundinger, who gave a tremendous talk at The Fitness Summit in 2015 on how to deal with back pain caused by SI joint dysfunction. Her talk was one of the most popular of the weekend, and I knew this information would be helpful to

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Powerlifting Attempt Selection for Not Dummies

I recently coached seventeen lifters, the majority of whom had never competed before, through their first powerlifting meet at the Minnesota State Open. They all did very well, had a great time, no one got hurt, and most importantly to me completed more lifts than the rest of the field. This isn’t because they were necessarily stronger,

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Physically Cultured Challenge: Gripper for Reps

I posted on my Facebook page earlier in the week about how grippers are quite possibly the best way to improve your grip strength for deadlifting. Now, when I talk about grippers what comes to mind for many people are those junk grippers you find at Target or generic sporting goods stores. As with most

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