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How to be a Great Training Partner

Training Partner_Feat

Good training partners are perhaps the most underestimated piece of the training equation. You can have all of the best possible equipment, the ultimate training plan, and all the potent gains-inducing supplements in the world and you’re still going to miss out on a host of benefits that good training partners provide. For some people the

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Using Biofeedback in Competition


Using biofeedback in training has distinct, proven advantages over other methods of training that do not incorporate auto-regulation, or adapting the stimulus to the state of the system. Biofeedback essentially allows you to get more out of your training at a lower cost in terms of stress and recovery. The long-term benefits of this should

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Biofeedback For The Literal Win

Read how to use Biofeedback in Competition It was the middle of last week and I was worried. I just happened to be walking by the door to the training floor at The Movement Minneapolis at the exact moment that my wife, Jen Sinkler, took a pull on a heavily loaded bar, barely broke it

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Better Biofeedback Pull-up Program

Ask almost any coach who has been around for a while how to do more pull-ups and they’ll likely mention Pavel’s Fighter Pull-Up program. And for good reason, because it’s a great program that hinges on a fundamental tenet of many good training programs: high-frequency of training at sub-maximal intensities. For those unfamiliar with the

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Four Ways to Band Up Your Deadlift

Bands are like shots of flavoring in your coffee. They should be used with extreme prejudice, but when the time is right they’re exactly what you want. I’ve got 4 ways to use bands in your deadlifting, judiciously of course. Two of them you may have seen before, but I’ll bet you haven’t seen the

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The Weirdest Deadlift You Should Be Testing

For the past few years I’ve been something of a prophet for the Jefferson deadlift. It’s weird to be specifically known for one odd lift, but I think it’s for good reason. The fact is that I tell people about or show people the Jefferson lift, they try it out, and they find that it

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Off The Floor Anniversary Update and Sale

Espressos, deadlifts, and progress have one major thing in common: I like to enjoy them everyday. The latter two are what I want to bring to your attention today. Having spent the last year collecting testimonials and feedback on the original program, last week I finished up a massive update on my magnum opus for the world: Off The

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No Headphones In My Gym

It’s not like I created a rule or policy against headphones. In fact I didn’t even realize it was happening until mid-sentence when I was talking about community and the gym. No one at my gym ever wears headphones. I don’t mean generally. I mean it has literally never happened in all the years we have

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Million Pound November Challenge

Volume is the driver of strength training. Not only that, but volume is the driver of all training. You know how I get better at skydiving? Moar skydiving! Want to build more muscle? Moar volume! Volume is the foundation that you build all the levels above upon, as well as the mortar that goes between the bricks.

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How to Lift 1,066,554 Pounds Without a Crane

Several years ago in late October I decided to undertake a personal challenge. I was already planning to participate in Movember the following month, but that wasn’t the real challenge. I figured as long as I am growing a mustache I might as well attempt a heroic feat of strength that can be accomplished only by

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