It's what I've heard countless times from people who come in to my facility
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Biofeedback Training: How to Get Started


When I go to a conference or workshop I hear two types of feedback from people. Either they’ve implemented biofeedback in their training and gotten the best results (whether that be pain resolution, or performance) of their life, or they can’t figure out how to get started. Jen, too, hears the same thing often. Here’s

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Taking Back Function


It’s time we take back function, and not just in terms of the bastardized word everyone loves to hate. When it comes to the word “function” and “functional training,” most intelligent trainers roll their eyes and imagine someone standing on a BOSU ball shaking some heavy ropes. They know that just because it’s difficult to remain stable

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Get Better Sleep

If there is one monumentally important thing you can do for your health and wellness it’s to get better sleep. That’s right, not eat better or exercise but simply get adequate sleep. Not a minimum of sleep, but adequate sleep. Here is something that will hopefully put into perspective the physiological need for sleep: It’s

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Doubt at 140 MPH

I was flying through the sky at 140 miles per hour, looking over my left shoulder at my coach just a few feet away from me. He had just given a big nod. That signal meant I was in the right spot and it was time for me to leave the comfort of flying belly-facing-earth,

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Make it Harder, Make it Easier

I’m steeped in the world of behavior change. I spend a lot of time reading, researching, and experimenting with what makes changes stick. As a coach a small part of my job is helping people tweak their deadlift form, and a huge part of it is helping them make changes. It seems that everyone wants

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How to Start Bending Steel Like Superman

There are several traits that Superman has that, sadly, you’ll never be able to acquire like x-ray vision, flying, or changing the course of mighty rivers, but there is one you can learn: bending steel with your bare hands. This old-time strongman feat is not only an impressive way to display strength and power, but

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How Long Will it Take?

The answer is a lot longer than you might hope for, but you won’t notice how long it takes. The other day a newer member at The Movement Minneapolis approached me with a question. Now the following isn’t meant to pick on him, as he’s the latest in a long line of people who have

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Pregression Is The New Regression

“I don’t like that word, regression. I think we should call it a pregression.” At that moment the roof of the gym parted, angels started playing trumpets, champagne rained from the heavens and a radiant light shone down upon us. My friend and client, Jane, had solved a problem that had been plaguing me for

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Success is Greater Than Failure is Greater Than Inaction

I knew as soon as the words left my mouth I regretted it. They weren’t my words, and I was just parroting back something I had heard way too often. “Just keep failing. Just keep failing until you figure it out.” Ugh. I wince just hearing myself repeat it in my head. It has been bothering

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This Is a Weird Bank Account

Imagine a bank account whose balance grows every day. The amount varies based on various factors like your balance and some of your financial decisions, but no matter what it always gets money deposited into it every day. This bank account has a couple more interesting features. You can spend as much as you want

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