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Powerlifting Attempt Selection for Not Dummies

JVB checks-in on her next attempt with me.

I recently coached seventeen lifters, the majority of whom had never competed before, through their first powerlifting meet at the Minnesota State Open. They all did very well, had a great time, no one got hurt, and most importantly to me completed more lifts than the rest of the field. This isn’t because they were necessarily stronger,

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Physically Cultured Challenge: Gripper for Reps


I posted on my Facebook page earlier in the week about how grippers are quite possibly the best way to improve your grip strength for deadlifting. Now, when I talk about grippers what comes to mind for many people are those junk grippers you find at Target or generic sporting goods stores. As with most

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Checking The Price Tag

When I was a kid, my parents taught me that if you had to ask the price you couldn’t afford it. Through the years I’ve found this maxim to be overwhelmingly true. But, sometimes you need to check the price tag because you have to make an informed decision, weighing the need or desire with

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Physically Cultured Challenge: Two Hand Pinch

This week’s Physically Cultured Challenge is going to test how strong those opposable thumbs of yours really are. There are two primary ways to train the strength of the thumb, which is often the limiting factor in overall hand strength. You can either grip something very wide so that the fingers can’t wrap all the

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Get Obsessed With Consistency

“Get obsessed with consistency.” The words hit me like the fastball that got me one of many rounds of stitches, right at the eyebrow. I was reading a pre-release copy of my friend JC Deen’s Stay Leaner Longer, and while that is a fantastic book that I also think you should check out, that’s not

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Physically Cultured Challenge: 500 Push Presses

This challenge, something as close to cardio as I get except for the occasional Lift Weights Faster workout, is one of my favorite feats I’ve ever worked on. It’s deceptively simple which may have you looking at it and thinking “that’s it?” I probably had the same reaction when Adam T. Glass issued the challenge

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Biofeedback By Any Other Name Would Be as Awesome

I don’t have a smart and allegorical or snarky and funny introduction for this piece, and I’m certainly not going to win a Pulitzer prize for it, but this topic has come up enough times to address it. Every so often someone emails me or comments on the blog that I’m using the term “biofeedback” incorrectly. According to

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Effort, How Much is Too Much

If I could wave my magic wand and change one thing about how people approach strength training, or training in general for that matter, it would be their perspective on and application of effort. That’s right, biofeedback testing wouldn’t be the first place I would start. (Don’t get me wrong, I think you should test,

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Physically Cultured Challenge: One Hand Deadlift Test

This post kicks off a series of challenges of the physical culture variety that myself and Dellanavich are putting to you. It’s one of my core beliefs that the more adaptable you are, the more useful you are. That doesn’t mean you need to be a generalist and be good at everything, but that you

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How to be a Great Training Partner

Good training partners are perhaps the most underestimated piece of the training equation. You can have all of the best possible equipment, the ultimate training plan, and all the potent gains-inducing supplements in the world and you’re still going to miss out on a host of benefits that good training partners provide. For some people the

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